Company profile

Deseflex has been manufacturing high quality leather straps since ‘50s.
History, skill, know-how, dynamicity, make possible the manufacturing of any kind of strap with craft processes ensuring care on details and perfect products. Organization, flexibility and dynamicity let us to satisfy customers needs from single samples manufacturing up to big productions.

Craft workshop
that joins tradition and innovation.

Deseflex is a historical company established in 1968 by Lucio Fracalanza in Piombino Dese, in Northern Italy. Nowadays it is managed by Lucio’s heirs keeping intact his manufacture philosophy: offering accurate products, made with the heart, but at the same time aesthetically and functionally perfect.

Multiannual knowledge of technical processes featuring the care in material research, essential to make high quality products, are the core skills of our mission.

In addition the typical dynamicity of a craft company having the ability to make from the single samples up to the big production in brief time, but mainly offering the maximum level of quality standard.

quotation marks

“Everything can be done,
what matters is that it is well done!”

Lucio Fracalanza

Carefully tended production.

ergot finishing leather straps

The attention to details philosophy continues even on the smallest production details: from leather cutting, in order to have strap components and loops perfectly matched, the ergot and enchoces holes, up to handmade backstitches and scratches, even on loops. We are also able to perform handmade seams on customers request, and much more.

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