Production and processing

Thanks to pluriannual experience in leather processing for high quality watches straps production, Deseflex has the complete control over the entire production process.
Starting from project development, raw material research, and all the production cycle steps refined to valorize each detail of the product.

The raw material

Leather choosing is the primary step of production and it must be always careful:
the right union between fine leathers, with nice tactile and visual impact, with essential technical characteristics such as water repellency, scratchproof, stain-resistant, anti stinging, etc.
Deseflex uses leathers coming from the most precious italian tanneries that are guaranty of high quality and durable products.

leather raw material

Leather cutting

Every peace is individually cutted controlling the leather in order to avoid eventual natural imperfections, using appropriate dies based on the requested model.


The request of different thickness, also on the same strap, is obtained with the use of different skiving machines. All the choices and processes are made always with the maximum accuracy to ensure a final product with top comfort for the final user.


The assembling of each component is handmade and it comes after bonding. The loops require a detailed work with attention to details and finishing touch, matched to each singular straps. A significant detail is the backstitch made on mobile loops, strictly handmade with needle and thread.
As for the strap also the loops can be sliced and lacquered or clinched with eventual rifling.

hand made loops straps

Finishes and details

History and production competence are Deseflex skills reflecting themselves in every aspect of strap manufacturing. This allow us to use several working techniques to meet every customer’s request. From stamped models with high quality lacquered edges, up to machine or handmade reflanged straps where the leather is the protagonist and it entirely covers the edge.

The final production step is the quality check, made with care and attention by our specialists. The strap components are assembled matching the leather texture to the chromatic tones. Moreover our craftsman verify eventually imperfections in order to guarantee always the best quality products.

straps edge finishing
watch strap edge detail
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